Why Should You Advertise?

Here Are 10 Good Reasons...


1) If you want to reach new customers then you must advertise.

There's always new business out there. Your market changes constantly. Whether it's from new families moving into the area or changing income levels which can mean changes in lifestyles, needs and buying habits.  It can all lead to new potential customers for you, or for your competition. If you want a shot at that new business they need to know you're there and who you are. Advertising is the best way to get the word out.

2) Want to encourage repeat business? Then you must advertise.

Customers don’t have the same store loyalty they once had. Automobiles give shoppers mobility and freedom. So does the internet and online shopping options. Your business must advertise on a regular basis to give former customers a reason to return to your store instead of someone else's.

3) Advertise to influence your new and repeat customers throughout the buying cycle.

People frequently go from store to store comparing prices, quality and service. Your advertising needs to reach them consistently through the entire decision-making process. An example is the average new car purchase. This can take place through an entire 13-week cycle. You want your name to be consistently fresh in their minds when they ultimately decide to make their purchase.

4) Advertising pays off over a long period.

Believe it or not the advertising you do today is selling customers who may make their buying decision weeks or even months from now. By consistently advertising you get a long-term advantage over your competitors who decide to cut back or cancel their advertising. In a 5-year study of more than 3,000 companies it was determined that advertisers who maintained or expanded their advertising over that five year period saw their sales increase an average of 100%.

5) If you want to generate more store traffic then you must advertise.

As a business owner you already know that continuous store traffic is the first step toward sales increases and expanding your base of shoppers. It's been shown that for every 100 items shoppers plan to buy, they make at least 30 unanticipated “in-store” purchases.

6) Advertising helps to generate new business...even on your slowest days.

Businesses that succeed are generally strong, steady advertisers. An aggressive and consistent approach to your advertising almost always brings added success in your sales. Advertising will generate new customers and sales now, and in the future...even on your slowest days.

7) For a healthy positive image you must advertise.

Rumors and bad news travel fast.  Steady advertising will correct misleading gossip and any “overstated” bad news. When your advertising is vigorous and positive it will bring shoppers into your store regardless of the current economy.

8) You must advertise to maintain store morale and attract the best employees.

When an advertising or promotion budget is suddenly cut or cancelled, salespeople may become alarmed or demoralized. A positive advertising campaign will boost employee morale. It gives your staff strong, positive, motivational support and also makes it easier for you to hire the best people available.

9) You must advertise because your competition is advertising.

If you want to compete then you need to advertise to defend your revenue from competitors. There are only so many consumers in the market ready to buy at one time so if you want to keep your share of customers you must advertise or you will lose them to a more aggressive competitor.

10) Advertising is a solid investment in the growth and future of your business.

Consumers who buy products or services from you knew about your business or store before their need occurred. Advertising increases the likelihood that more consumers will know who you are when they decide they're ready to buy.


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